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What is the Junk on My Roof?

Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, one of the most commonly asked questions has to do with what all the build-up is on your wood shake roof. Simply put, the junk, gunk and debris on your roof is most likely a combination of any of the following infestations:

  • moss
  • lichen
  • British Soldiers (mushroom like growths, which are hard to remove)
  • tanning (black bumpy film, which comes out of the wood and is also hard to remove)
  • dark brown fungi
  • mildew
  • algae
  • saplings (which grow out of the dirt between shingles)

What Do These Infestations Do to My Roof?

As they grow on and into the roof, the wood becomes soft and eventually vulnerable. Being organic, over time these infestations get lodged in-between the breathing spaces of the shingles and are eventually planted in that dirt and on the wood. The problem arises when you don’t have it cleaned soon after this these infestations grow and feed on the wood, leading to decomposition over time. Your roof will then be in need of a partial or complete replacement many decades before it would have otherwise.

How Can Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning Help?

What Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning can do here is to help educate you on how to maintain the only kind of roofing that needs regular maintenance. As I’m sure you’ve been able to tell so far you’ve come to the right place! Although this kind of roofing does need maintenance, it’s of course also considered one of the finest and most beautiful roofs available now it’s up to you to find out exactly what is needed to keep it looking beautiful for decades to come!

Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning uses a Soft-Wash process that removes the infestations without any invasive pressure washing, and without walking on your fine wood shake roofing. Contact us today for an estimate. If you are outside of our area, contact us anyway and we’ll put you in touch with the right kind of roofing cleaner in your area!

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