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cedar roof, cedar roof cleaning
Many homeowners assume that discoloration on their cedar shakes roof means it’s time to replace it, when regular cleaning and maintenance could resolve the problem, says Sullivan. (Photo courtesy of Sullivan Roof Cleaning)

Cedar or redwood shakes roofs have been around for centuries and are one of the original roofing materials. In early days, the shakes/shingles were laid over top of spaced lathing strips that were spaced so the shakes would stay dry. As a result, such cedar or redwood roofs would last for generations. (more…)

Spruce it up! Bruce Sullivan explains the difference between a roof cleaning and a roof restoration. Let Bruce help you decide if you want or need a cedar shake shingle roof cleaning or a roof restoration. Listen to how you can take advantage of Bruce’s knowledge to have a Cedar Shake Roof Cleaner extend the life of your roof. Then send Bruce an email or give him a call for a free estimate on your roof.

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