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Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc located in Pleasant Hill, Iowa now offers a non toxic and caustic alternative for cedar shakes roof cleaning. With this citrus based cleaning solution all that is required is to apply with a 40 PSI 12V pump spray system, allow dwell time based upon the types of infestations and simply rinse with a garden hose pressure. All cleaning and rinsing solution is directed off property through our designed runoff system. The complete process is done from a ladder, never getting on your roof and causing damage or the potential for slips and falls.

With our cedar shakes roof cleaning process the days of harmful chemicals and the use of pressure cleaning are gone. Also gone is the high service cost related with other step and chemical processes which allows us to service the greater Midwest with under competition cedar cleaning pricing.

Sullivan Roof Cleaning Service Area

Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Ohio.

We will be expanding our coverage in the future.

We are privately owner and operated, not a franchise. We have teamed with a limited number of other roof cleaning services that use our same process and cleaning solution and work directly through our service for those cedar shakes home owners that are outside our service area.

Don’t replace your cedar roof when we can clean it. Go to our web site @ www.cedarroofclean.com watch the videos, read the customer reviews and see the before & after pictures which have phsyical addresses, not something someone copied off the internet. Send us an e-mail or call with any questions, concerns or interest to maintain your cedar roof.

When considering a cedar roof cleaning, there are those that will clean cedar and there are those that are cedar cleaners. We are cedar roof cleaners.

After you have talked to the rest contact the best, Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc. Your cedar roof maintenance provider.


Here are a few pictures of a job we just completed 04/24/2013 @ 1201 NE Lakeview Dr., Ankeny, Iowa Google Earth or Bing map it and you’ll see it is the location.

Cedar Roof Clean Front Before & After | Akeny IowaCedar Roof Clean Westside Before & After | Akeny IowaCedar Roof Clean | Back Before & After | Akeny IowaCedar Roof Clean | Eastside Before & After | Akeny Iowa