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Cedar Cleaning Des Moines Iowa – Testimonial

I’m thrilled with the results (cedar cleaning Des Moines) Bruce Sullivan achieved at our house! We have one of the few cedar-shake siding homes in Des Moines, a cape-cod style farmhouse on the near-west side. The shakes are over 30 years old, and by the time we bought the house in 2003, they had been darkened by mildew and mold and had become saturated with moisture. Warping and cracking had begun, and even under light pressure the cedar fibers yielded considerably.

Just a few hours after Sullivan’s thorough cleaning, the golden-honey color of the natural cedar showed through. The blond and auburn notes in the shakes now glow in the sunlight, and even the most weathered areas look twenty years newer. As Sullivan was finishing up the job, the oils in the cedar shakes had already started to emerge, and his rinse-water had begun to bead, proving that the natural moisture-resistance in the shakes were already emerging.

Sullivan and his team were careful to protect the surrounding landscaping and gardens, one of many signs of his professionalism and courtesy. Additionally, he was generous in educating me on what I could do to continue to maintain the integrity of the shakes in years to come, and to let me know what _not_ to do. He is a personable, down-to-earth, and supremely expert member of his profession. I am certainly glad I had the opportunity to ask him to restore our home and to renew its curb appeal.
Craig Owens, 40th St. Des Moines

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