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Cedar Siding Saved by Cleaning in Council Bluffs Iowa!

I wish I had.
My all cedar sided home was sprayed and then “gently” power washed by an “experienced” crew. They not only furred most of the siding, but the cleaning product they used caused the siding to bloom black. Black and more black.

Bruce and Maria had cleaned my roof about a month earlier. I knew from this experience that if anyone could fix this disaster it would be the Sullivan team. Three days after a frantic call for help, Bruce and Maria were in my driveway and the process of clearing the siding began. Right before my eyes, and in HALF the time of the previous crew, my house was washed and like-new cedar was revealed. No “gentle” power washing needed.

Although cleaning siding is not the primary service provided by Sullivan’s, they were willing to take on this challenge and squeeze me in to an already full work schedule.

Bruce and Maria, I can’t thank you enough for the excellent results you produced on my home. You saved the cedar siding and my sanity along with it. Thank you for coming on such short notice, your reassurance along the way, and your top quality service. I will always be immeasurably grateful.
Jane Peters, Council Bluffs, Iowa