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Certified & Licensed Specialists to Serve Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning in Indiana

The home of quintessential essence and tradition of Midwestern America, Indiana is bustling with never resting cities like Indianapolis and picturesque small towns such as Battle Ground, Meridian Hills, Highland, Shorewood Forests, and more with stunning cedar shake properties. At Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, we are renowned and trusted as a professional cedar shake roof cleaning service provider with a team of highly trained, certified, and insured specialists. Our expert team serves the whole state of Indiana and offers highly professional cedar roof restoration to home as well as business owners.
The Team Sullivan completely understands the routine of special care required to keep your scrumptious cedar shake roofs in a tip-top condition and make its lifespan a very long one. A proper cedar roof cleaning or a quality cedar shake roof maintenance is all you require to maintain its beauty with the optimal condition. Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning can treat, clean and restore your cedar shake roofs using a unique non-pressure process, which includes an environment-friendly solvent, to repair your beloved roof to its original fineness. If you are searching for a budget-friendly, professional residential or commercial cedar roof restoration in Indiana, then look no further. We are here to serve with guaranteed best results.

No Pressure Wash, No Harsh Chemicals – Receive Only Eco-Friendly Cedar Roof Cleaning

Shake hands with Team Sullivan as you have found the right partner for all your cedar shake roof cleaning services. Our team stands behind the quality workmanship they offer with real commitment and dedication. Whether you are a new customer or an existing one; we treat all our customers with the same respect, work ethics, and service value. We have been in cedar shake roof maintenance business in Indiana for more than a decade now, are highly regarded for our cedar roof cleaning services

A Team of Well Experienced Cedar Shake Roof Restoration Professionals

Whether you need us on weekends, middle of weeks, or in holidays; Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning is round the year available to handle any size of cedar roof restoration project with any difficulty level. Our cedar shake roof cleaning includes useful moss, fungus, and debris removal without the use of pressure washing or harmful chemicals. With our team, get ready to experience:

  • Real service results from the very first time
  • Courteous & professional team members
  • Quick service execution in the fastest time possible
  • Affordable cedar roof shake roof maintenance and cleaning charges
  • Zero hidden teams, conditions or fees
  • Service delivery throughout Indiana

Kindly give us a call at 515-423-0234 to receive a completely free of charge cedar shake roof cleaning service estimation for your property. Also, feel free to mention your queries; we will be more than happy to solve them for you.

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This was a cedar roof that was covered with moss, mold, mildew, lichen and fungi in Elkhart, Indiana. The home owner was looking for a cedar roof cleaning contractor and decided on Sullivan Roof Cleaning out of Des Moines, Iowa who services all of the greater Midwest.

Visit http://www.cedarroofclean.com for all your cedar roof cleaning needs.

Why replace your roof when we can clean it? Sullivan Roof Cleaning 515-971-1430.

Sullivan Roof Cleaning is incredible, well, Mr. Sullivan is actually. We were hopeful that he would be able to bring life back to our roof, but I had no idea how great a job he would ultimately do.

Mr. Sullivan used his proprietary mix of fungicide, moldicide to renew the roof to nearly new condition. Watching him work, I can confirm he uses low pressure to sluff off all the black mold and moss growing on cedar. Many people have stopped by to tell us how great the job turned out.

Having been a builder, I can write it is rare to find an honest person in home repair, but Mr. Sullivan is the real deal.

If you have a cedar roof or siding, by all means take the time and small expense to breathe new life into it by having Mr. Sullivan clean it for you. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the fact that he raised the property value without my having to spend many thousands of dollars to install a new roof.

Put simply, you can’t afford not to call Sullivan Roof Cleaning for your house.

John Lyons, Omaha, Nebraska

My experience with Sullivan Roof Cleaning was very positive. Arrived on time and performed work as advertised. Bruce and Neil are friendly and trustworthy. My roof looks like new. I’ll give him a call in about 7 years or so for another roof cleaning. Well done………….

Richard Ambrose, Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Affordable & Reliable Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Service in Mission Hills, Kansas

Famed for its endless entertainment options for explorers here; Mission Hills is full of architectural buildings and rattling properties with cedar shake roofing. At Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, we are a nationwide soft wash cedar roof cleaning service provider including Mission Hills, Kansas. Our agency could be your #1 choice for cedar shake roof cleaning and maintenance. Our team members know how to get the job done with absolute perfection, delivering the highest quality cedar roof restoration for your property. With a decade long niche experience, we are committed to providing services beyond your expectations with affordable price ranges.
Due to their attractiveness, excellent insulation from cold and heat, and durability, cedar shingles have been a long favorite as roofing material among property owners. Also, cedar shake roofing is an extremely environment-friendly option that we always support. The life expectancy of cedar roofing can easily touch up to 30 years with proper cleaning and regular maintenance. Our cedar shake roof maintenance will allow your beautiful roofing to stay your property’s attention grabber for many upcoming years.

No More Moss or Algae on Your Roof – Opt for Cedar Roof Restoration

Signs of moss and algae developing are a definite danger as they wreak havoc on your stunning roof and leave you with serious roof issues. Our cedar roof cleaning is gentle, effective, and guaranteed to deliver results beyond expectations. Our cedar shake roof cleaning experts in Mission Hills, Kansas, will not walk on your roof or use power washing methods. We use biodegradable and eco-friendly solution to clean dirty or moss-covered roofs properly without damaging any of your cedar shakes. Our professional cedar roof maintenance will extend the roof life and make it look great for years.

You Are Just a Call Away from Best Cedar Roof Cleaning

When you hire Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning as your partner, you can rest assured to get treated with care. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed! Before you give us a call, you must know what makes our services noteworthy.

  • Quick moss and algae removal
  • No use of harsh chemical, solvents or power wash
  • Use of environment-friendly and biodegradable products
  • Budget suited service pricing with fast delivery
  • Free of cost service estimation for property
  • Soft washing process to save durability of cedar shakes

Sounds interesting!!! Hurry up and give us a call at 515-423-0234 to receive a free service estimation for your property. We are fully insured, certified, and experienced for our cedar shake roof restoration services. Care for your roof today and ready to get ready to experience a clean, appealing cedar shake roofing for years.

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Our 15 year old roof looks almost new after the cleaning that Bruce did. His service was as exactly promised, and he is one very pleasant guy to deal with. Without any hesitation, I’d recommend his service to anyone, and you will learn something from him about the proper care and maintenance of your roof.

Courtney Fletcher, Mission Hills, Kansas

Excellent customer service and results, as well as pre-sale and post-sale support. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a cedar shake shingle roof who is looking to extend the life of the roof without costly re-roofing.

Eric Weber  Southfork, Waukee, Iowa

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I work in biotechnology, so the claims about the improvement in the lifetime of the roof and the quality of the wood were all met with a high degree of skepticism. Bruce walked me through each of the major points, provided a detailed and intelligent explanation, and ultimately convinced me that it was worthwhile.

While I was initially skeptical of the process, the results are astounding. The roof has never looked better, and the process was clean and took only a day to complete. Unlike many of my neighbors who have had to replace their roofs, I’m confident that with this level of attention I can extend the life of this roof considerably.

Thanks Bruce for your time, attention and hard work.

-Aaron Warner, Iowa City 10/27/2011

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Cedar Shakes Cleaning Coralville, Iowa

This is a fabulous service. Our cedar shake shingles, siding, and deck had substantial mold. Earlier, I had unsuccessfully tried to remove the mold from our siding and deck with bleach and a pressure washer. Yet, Bruce and Kim where able to remove all the mold from the exterior of our house and roof in one day. We are thrilled with the results. The roof looks like new; it once again matches the color of the brick in the front of our house. In addition to being delighted with the results, we also enjoyed working with them. Their friendly and professional manner make it easy and enjoyable to work with them.

Rick Axelson, Coralville, Iowa

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Sullivan Roof Cleaning should get 6 stars!. When I got Sullivan’s flyer, I was skeptical. A few years ago the cedar shake shingle covenant was voted out in parts of Lakewood Hills Addition (Brown Deer) off Holiday Road in Coralville. Some homeowners had the shakes ripped off and replaced with asphalt shingles, I wondered if and when our turn would come. And, as a “senior”, I shuddered to think about the cost! Our roof dates to 1989: no leaks ever so far. Amazement was my reaction when I saw the first two roofs Sullivan cleaned along Brown Deer Road. The roofs looked brand new and the houses looked years younger! I phoned Bruce who explained how properly installed and maintained cedar shake shingles could last 50 years or more. The cost to clean my roof was pennies on the dollar compared to replacing an intact and expensive cedar shake roof. We set a date. Sullivan’s came promptly, set up quickly and spent the day transforming my nasty, filthy roof into a new looking one. Bruce noticed a few missing shingles low on the garage and replaced them, too! Truly the difference in the home appearance is startling: when I returned home from work Thursday night, the house looked like it had a new roof! With my allergies and the monsoon summers of the past few years, I had not taken a good look at our roof, especially the rear shingles for years. When I saw the dirt, the moss growing, etc. . I knew Bruce was right: cleaning was the best insurance against failure of the roof’s integrity. And when Sullivan’s left, there was no sign they had been there except for the brand new looking roof! Come to Brown Deer in Coralville and see the difference between the Sullivan Roof Cleaning homes and the rest! Let Sullivan Roof Cleaning do their “magic” on your home! From a happy customer. Sincerely, Barbara Staib, Coralville, Iowa

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We were very pleased with our roof results and highly recommend Sullivan Roof Cleaning to anyone who wishes to maintain the appearance and longevity of their roof. Bruce and James made sure that our flowers and plants were protected. Their true success was when my wife wanted their sign to stay in the yard after the job was finished, hoping that it might bring them more business.

Steve P, Home owner Westbranch, Southfork, Waukee area

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