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The cedar roof on my home is about 15 years old. Over the last several years I’ve had maintenance completed to replace bad or missing shingles but I’ve been secretly waiting for a hailstorm so that I could just replace it. Since that won’t probably ever happen I was searching for ways to extend the life of a cedar shake roof and I ran across Bruce Sullivan’s website. I watched the videos, looked at the pictures, and then traded some emails with him asking questions. I am so happy I found him!

Bruce and his crew were very professional, they left no mess, and my roof looks nearly brand new again. I had a covered patio added last year that was built into my roof line so those shakes were still fairly new and stood out from the gray dingy look the rest of my roof had. Not anymore! Now the entire roof blends together.

I highly recommend Bruce Sullivan and Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning to anyone. I feel the price was a good value for the work they performed, but more importantly the results.  

I’m no longer hoping for a hail storm, my insurance deductible is more than the cost to clean my roof again and add years of life to it. I’ll see Bruce and his team 7 – 10 years from now when my roof needs it again.

Bruce Brown, Kansas City, Missouri



Many home owners are concerned with what type of cleaning solution Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning Company uses, more so, if it will harm their landscaping, pets, children, etc.

No it won’t!

Other companies that will clean cedar roofs use a solution that has caustic elements to it and
requires walking on the roof and having to use a power washer to remove. This had been the
process used in the past and most have just continued using this type of process today. Not
only is walking on a wood roof and using a pressure washer to clean potentially harmful to the
roof but potentially very dangerous to humans.

Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning Process

My company is the first roof cleaning service to develop a wood roof cleaning process that requires no walking on wood roofs or using any form of pressure i.e. pressure washer to clean them.

WATCH THIS: Video-Removing Moss from a Cedar Roof.


As for our cleaning solution, which I developed myself and without detailing the formula (we can’t give away the secret sauce), the following is the baseline of it:
1.) It is nontoxic and non-caustic.
2.) It is citrus based. Think of Lemon.
3.) It has an algaecide, mildewcide, and fungicide to help preserve the shakes.
4.) It has a bio surfactant or soap to help the solution cling to the shakes.
5.) It has a steam process oil to help rehydrate the shakes to preserve them.

When retaining our service you get a proven process that will not harm your roof or your
landscaping, property or family in any way. (Contact us for an estimate).

Everything that is needed to clean and maintain your roof is within our cleaning process.
There is no need to add a treatment to your roof as it is already within our cleaning solution!

Staining is okay for improving the look of your roof but has no preservative value. It also has a
short shelf life and can be very expensive if done correctly. We don’t recommend it.

Sealing a wood roof in any form is very bad for that roof. Wood roofs need to breathe, they are
organic in nature and have to expand and contract with the changing weather condition.

Unlike others that will clean a cedar shakes wood roof, we are cedar shakes roof cleaners.
To properly maintain a cedar shakes roof you should have it cleaned every 7 to 10 years
subjectively. They have a very long lifespan if maintained!

Very timely in getting our roof cleaning scheduled and completed. The main reason I selected your company was due to your YouTube videos. They left me feeling that you knew what you are doing, were not scammers, and also felt that I was able to make a “personal connection” because of the videos. When I met Bruce at our house, I felt as if I already knew him.

– Mike Chapman, Clive, Iowa

Kansas Cedar Roof Cleaning Testimonial

Bruce and Maria did a fantastic job for us. Our cedar shake roof and siding was covered with moss and algae. After they cleaned both the roof and siding, the house looked like it did after construction. I would highly recommend Sullivan Roof Cleaning.

– Dan Uston, Leawood Kansas

I appreciate the prompt service. Price was not an issue. There are others who were cheaper or I questioned their experience.

– Greg Bendlin, Omaha, Nebraska

We are very satisfied with the work that was done cleaning and preserving the cedar shingles on our home. We will without doubt continue to maintain our roof with this cleaning process.

– Phil Brown, Elkhorn, Nebraska

Testimonial – Cedar Roof Cleaning Bellevue Nebraska

Awesome work, hardly knew he was there, but what a difference! Anyone that doubts the method need not fear. It works, and it gets better after the rain. The method turns all connective tissue in the cells of the bad stuff to disconnected threads. All he does is wash it off. Within a few hours you’ll smell cedar again!

Casey Tubbs, Bellevue, Nebraska.

Cedar Roof Cleaning, Waukee, Iowa – Testimonial

I couldn’t be more pleased with the work done by Sullivan Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning. The results of the cleaning they did on my home today are better than I expected. The results were visible almost immediately, and I am told that it will get even better in the next few weeks. As happy as I am with the cleaning, I am even more happy with the work ethic and professional actions of owner and his co-worker. I can highly recommend this company and its owner.

Tracy Lepeltak, Waukee, Iowa

Maintaining a Cedar Shake Roof | Angie's ListMany cedar/redwood shakes roof homeowners were never told they need to maintain their roof to reach the potential natural life span of anywhere from 40 to 60 years. Normally after a 10-year period of not cleaning, a homeowner will notice the green moss or mold, the lichen or the dark brown to black coloration of fungi.

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