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The following example is for fiberglass asphalt shingles, add 20% to cost for cedar shakes. Given the cost vs. value of roof replacement should give any homeowner further reason to maintain their roof. More so for the cedar shakes/wood roof homeowners.

On average for less than 5% of the roof replacement cost the homeowner can have their cedar shakes/wood roof cleaned which will in return extend the normal life span of the roof anywhere from 5 to 20 years depending on present condition.

No roofing material is eternal, moreover, cedar shakes/wood roofs. Do not have to replace your roof in half-life or less for lack of not properly maintaining your roof.

As the saying goes: ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Regional Data Comparison (West North Central)

Roofing Replacement

Remove existing roofing to bare wood sheathing and dispose of properly. Install 30 squares of 235-pound fiberglass asphalt shingles (min. 25-year warranty) with new felt underlayment, galvanized drip edge, and mill-finish aluminum flashing. Assume a 5-square hip roof; custom flashing at two average-sized skylights; and custom cap treatment at vented ridge.

… according to the Remodeling 2011-12 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com) …

Sullivan Roof Cleaning should get 6 stars!. When I got Sullivan’s flyer, I was skeptical. A few years ago the cedar shake shingle covenant was voted out in parts of Lakewood Hills Addition (Brown Deer) off Holiday Road in Coralville. Some homeowners had the shakes ripped off and replaced with asphalt shingles, I wondered if and when our turn would come. And, as a “senior”, I shuddered to think about the cost! Our roof dates to 1989: no leaks ever so far. Amazement was my reaction when I saw the first two roofs Sullivan cleaned along Brown Deer Road. The roofs looked brand new and the houses looked years younger! I phoned Bruce who explained how properly installed and maintained cedar shake shingles could last 50 years or more. The cost to clean my roof was pennies on the dollar compared to replacing an intact and expensive cedar shake roof. We set a date. Sullivan’s came promptly, set up quickly and spent the day transforming my nasty, filthy roof into a new looking one. Bruce noticed a few missing shingles low on the garage and replaced them, too! Truly the difference in the home appearance is startling: when I returned home from work Thursday night, the house looked like it had a new roof! With my allergies and the monsoon summers of the past few years, I had not taken a good look at our roof, especially the rear shingles for years. When I saw the dirt, the moss growing, etc. . I knew Bruce was right: cleaning was the best insurance against failure of the roof’s integrity. And when Sullivan’s left, there was no sign they had been there except for the brand new looking roof! Come to Brown Deer in Coralville and see the difference between the Sullivan Roof Cleaning homes and the rest! Let Sullivan Roof Cleaning do their “magic” on your home! From a happy customer. Sincerely, Barbara Staib, Coralville, Iowa

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