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Very timely in getting our roof cleaning scheduled and completed. The main reason I selected your company was due to your YouTube videos. They left me feeling that you knew what you are doing, were not scammers, and also felt that I was able to make a “personal connection” because of the videos. When I met Bruce at our house, I felt as if I already knew him.

– Mike Chapman, Clive, Iowa


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Many homeowners assume that discoloration on their cedar shakes roof means it’s time to replace it, when regular cleaning and maintenance could resolve the problem, says Sullivan. (Photo courtesy of Sullivan Roof Cleaning)

Cedar or redwood shakes roofs have been around for centuries and are one of the original roofing materials. In early days, the shakes/shingles were laid over top of spaced lathing strips that were spaced so the shakes would stay dry. As a result, such cedar or redwood roofs would last for generations. (more…)

Like A Brand New House

I can’t believe a difference Sullivan Roof Cleaning made! It’s like we have a brand new house! Bruce and Maria were professional and efficient, and what a value! They are passionate about the service they provide, and were as excited about the beauty of the finished result as we were. We will call them again in the future, and much earlier this time. See you in a few years, Bruce.

Jon Rippentrop, Swisher, Iowa

Cedar Shake Shingles – Common Problems

  • Rot might be found in this material – especially if it is exposed to prolonged periods or moisture
  • Cupping can occur – where both sides of the material lift
  • Cracking or splitting is a defect that can create openings in unwanted locations
  • Curling – where the bottom of the shake lifts up
  • Burn-through is most often found near the center of the exposed area of the shake and can expose the felt underlayment to harmful ultraviolet rays – this can accelerate deterioration and can eliminate your second line of defense against roof leaks
  • Exposed felt underlayment is an area of concern and might indicate improper installation of the roof
  • Missing or damaged hip or ridge shakes are commonly found defects and will leave those areas open to the weather
  • Exposed fasteners found anywhere in the roof surface are leaving unprotected openings in the roof and indicate improper installation practices

We suggest an absolute minimum amount of foot traffic, only when absolutely necessary and only by people knowledgeable about how to walk on these types of roofs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the health of your cedar shakes roof, please contact us and we can do an assessment.

I highly recommend Sullivan Roof Cleaning company after they cleaned the cedar shake roof on our home in Coralville. I’ll be the first to admit skepticism when I received their non-solicited offer in the mail suggesting I needed my roof cleaned. But after reading their website and meeting Bruce in person I quickly sensed he was trustworthy and knew his trade well. The north side of our home was badly in need of cleaning- as Bruce described it I could have grown a garden up there. I hope he posts the before pictures of my roof with the six inch tall saplings growing out of it on their website.
Bruce and his assistant arrived on the job right on time and worked carefully all day cleaning our roof. The results far exceeded my expectations- it looks brand new. And most importantly I truly believe he extended the life of our roof many years.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sullivan Roof Cleaning- you won’t be disappointed.

John L.  Holiday Rd., Coralville, Ia.

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