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Roof Cleaning Solution: Choosing the Right Product for a Clean and Safe Roof

roof cleaning solution


A roof is an essential part of any building, but it’s often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Over time, dirt, debris, and other elements can accumulate on the roof, leading to the growth of moss, algae, and stains. Fortunately, there are many roof cleaning products available on the market to help clean and maintain your roof. In this article, we will discuss the different types of roof cleaning products, the roof cleaning process, and how to choose the right product for your roof.

Understanding Roof Cleaning Products

Roof cleaning products come in various forms, including sprays, powders, and solutions. The most common types of roof cleaning products are roof cleaners, roof washes, and stain removers. Roof cleaners are specially designed to clean your roof and remove dirt, grime, and other debris. Roof washes, on the other hand, are designed to remove moss, algae, and other organic growth from your roof. Stain removers are used to remove stubborn stains that have been left on your roof for an extended period.

Choosing the Right Roof Cleaning Product

When choosing a roof cleaning product, it’s important to consider the type of roof shingles you have. Certain cleaning products are better suited for specific types of shingles. For example, if you have a tile roof, you’ll need a cleaning solution that’s safe for use on tile. If you have asphalt shingles, you’ll need a product that’s safe for use on asphalt.

It’s also important to consider the type of stain or growth you’re trying to remove from your roof. If you’re dealing with moss or algae growth, you’ll need a product that’s specifically designed to remove those types of growth. If you’re dealing with stubborn stains, you’ll need a stain remover that’s designed to break down those stains.

Eco-Friendly Roof Cleaning Products

If you’re concerned about the impact of harsh chemicals on the environment, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many eco-friendly roof cleaning products available. These products are designed to be safe for use around people, pets, and plants. They are also biodegradable, so they won’t harm the environment.

The Roof Cleaning Process

The roof cleaning process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Inspect the roof: Before you start cleaning your roof, it’s important to inspect it for any damage or leaks. If you notice any issues, you should address them before you start cleaning.

  2. Clear the roof: Use a leaf blower or a broom to remove any debris from the roof.

  3. Apply the cleaning solution: Apply the cleaning solution to the roof using a sprayer or a brush.

  4. Wait: Allow the cleaning solution to sit on the roof for the recommended amount of time. This will give the solution time to break down any stains or growth.

  5. Rinse: Use a pressure washer or a hose to rinse the roof thoroughly.

  6. Repeat if necessary: If there are still stains or growth on the roof, you may need to repeat the cleaning process.

Hiring a Roof Cleaning Contractor

If you’re not comfortable cleaning your roof yourself, you may want to consider hiring a roof-cleaning contractor. A professional roof cleaning contractor will have the equipment and expertise to clean your roof safely and effectively. They will also have access to commercial-grade cleaning solutions that may be more effective than the products you can buy at your local hardware store.


A clean roof not only looks better, but it also helps to extend the life of your roof. By choosing the right roof cleaning product and following the proper cleaning process, you can keep your roof looking great for years to come. Whether you decide to tackle the job yourself or hire a professional roof cleaning contractor, it’s important to prioritize roof maintenance and cleaning to avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. Remember to always prioritize safety when cleaning your roof and to wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and a respirator when handling cleaning solutions.

In summary, choosing the right roof cleaning product is crucial to ensure a clean and safe roof. Consider the type of shingles, the type of stain or growth, and the eco-friendliness of the product before making a purchase. Follow the proper roof cleaning process and prioritize safety to maintain your roof and avoid costly repairs. Whether you decide to clean your roof yourself or hire a professional, a clean roof is essential for the longevity and appearance of your home or building.

Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning in Des Moines Iowa
Cedar Shake Roof before & after cleaning

Meet Bruce

50 Years of Experience &
Over 2,000 Shake Roofs Cleaned

Bruce Sullivan has over 50 years of experience in maintaining, cleaning, and restoring cedar shake roofs. Making him one of the top authorities on cedar shake roofs in the US.

Watch the Cedar Shakes Cleaning Process in Action in this video

Play Video about Roof Cleaning How to Remove Moss, Lichen, Fungi from a Cedar Roof Sullivan Roof


What can I say? Bruce and Keith provided an exceptional service, and they are really nice guys too. Found out at the last minute they were in Minneapolis, and they fit me in for a cedar shake roof cleaning the next evening after their regular job was done. Even cleaned up my gutters, small fence, and small deck at no charge. The place looks outstanding! Highly recommended.

Mike Richards

I highly recommend this business. Due to the work performed we are going to get another 10-14 years out of our cedar shake roof. We were told by some roofing companies that the roof should be replaced in 2 years. I lucked out and found Sullivan Roof Cleaning while researching companies that perform this service, and was pleased to learn that the company does work outside of Iowa. If you need your cedar shakes cleaned, go with Sullivan Roof Cleaning.

Eric Oelrich, 
St Cloud, MN

Bruce did a great job cleaning the whole exterior of my house. The roof has new life! It looks practically brand new. All the mold and moss on the roof, on the gutters, under the eaves, completely gone. He exceeded all our expectations. When he tells you what he can do for your house, you can believe and trust him. Great guy, great service.

Stuart Malone
Kansas City, MO


Cedar shakes are organic. Though a resilient material. Being organic they need to be maintained. Over time, like any organic material that are subjected to weather elements, they reach a stage of deterioration. Like UV exposure, moisture and seasonal changes. Which results in moss, mold, mildew, lichen and brown rot fungi. These infestations need to be removed to further preserve the integrity of the cedar shake.
The proper way to clean a cedar shake roof is from a ladder. By spraying a special formulated solution onto the shakes and then rinsed with a garden hose pressure. Best done by a professional cedar shake roof cleaner. Not DIY recommended.
No. Pressure washer will require walking on the shakes, which will harm them, and even at its lowest setting will also damage the shakes.
On average, cedar shakes should be cleaned every 10 ten years. Subjective to the grade of the shakes and the amount of surrounding tree cover.
Avoiding walking on a cedar shake roof, other than for repairs.
Never seal a cedar shake roof. Cedar shakes need to breathe. They expand and contract in rain conditions. Seal will shorten the lifespan, to the point of premature replacement.
Staining has no real preserve value and can also harm the integrity of shakes, as stated, they need to be able to breathe. Also, if the shakes are not properly cleaned staining can seal the deteriorating infestation within the shakes.
Depending on the grade of the shakes and installation, and if maintained properly, 40 to 60 years.


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