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When it comes to the exterior cleaning process, itself, it is all of the above when any of these terms are use. What does that mean? Simply put the cleaning process is done without the use of a pressure washer or power washer. What is the point being made when any of these terms are referred to? Simply put, the cleaning process will be performed or applied without the use of a pressure or power washer, nothing more or nothing less. That is not to say that a pressure or power washer doesn’t have it’s place in the exterior cleaning service, it does and in some cases will be needed. The above process, terms, tends to apply more to the roof cleaning service. In most cases you will see these terms used by a roof cleaning service. When you think about it, it makes common sense to not use high pressure cleaning a roof.

As an example, I specialize in cleaning cedar/wood roofs. The two things that shouldn’t happen when cleaning a cedar/wood roof is to walk on the roof and to use any form of pressure. Why? Because there would be a higher chance of damage to the roof. In my case, I don’t even own a pressure or power washer because I am a roof cleaner and have no need for one. I use a 60 psi 12V pump system to apply my cleaning solution and use a garden hose pressure from the outside water outlet to rinse when needed. Have I used the terms softwash/no-pressure/non-pressure? Yes. Again they are all one and the same, which means the cleaning process is not high pressure.

I could see where these terms could become confusing to the unknown potential customer. Granted the terms in and of themselves tend to speak to the meaning but to clarify in common explanation it basically means that the cleaning process is done without the use of high pressure or what some refer to as the use of a pressure or power washer.

Understand that the terms only apply to the type of cleaning process. They have nothing to do with the cleaning results other than not cause any harm to the project being cleaned by the process itself. The cleaning results will be determined by the person doing the cleaning and their degree of experience and the cleaning solutions they use. When you think about in these terms it makes common sense.

When considering any exterior cleaning process make sure to ask questions and verify.

I welcome the opportunity to clean your roof with my softwash/no-pressure/non-pressure cleaning process.