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My Roof Needs Cleaning, What Should I Do?

Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, people are often asking what they need to do to have their roof cleaned. The answer involves these three things:

  • Do your research on cedar shake roofing.
  • Get to know your cedar roof cleaner’s process.
  • Find a cedar roof cleaner who uses a non-invasive process.

The Importance of Research

Learning a bit about how a wood roof reacts to weather, shade, moisture and pollens in the air, and how it should be cleaned, should be a top priority. Learning this information will mean the difference between early replacement and keeping your wood roofing looking excellent for the decades it was intended to last. Check out the following websites to learn more about cedar shake and wood roofing: USDA Forestry Service and Cedar Shake Bureau.

Processes of Wood Shake Roof Cleaning

There are two kinds of companies in this business: the first kind of company is a roof cleaning service that also cleans wood roofs. Because wood roofing isn’t their specialty, they typically employ too harsh of methods that can include walking on shakes to clean them with a pressure washer. This can cut long gouges in the wood and the shakes can snap under the weight of someone walking excessively on them. The main problem here: otherwise unneeded replacement of shakes and in the most severe cases, full roof replacement.

The second type of cedar roof cleaning, which we offer, uses what is called a Soft-Wash process. We access your roofline with a ladder and from there we can clean the entire roof with a cleaning solution that exerts no more pressure than a garden hose! This leaves your roof looking great, without the harmful and potentially dangerous aspects of the other processes.

I certainly hope you’ve learned a few things by reading this. I would encourage you to give us a call for any assistance and like always, if you are outside our area, please do still contact us, and we’ll get you in touch with the right cleaning company in your area!

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