Note: This is cleaning/treatment/restoration only. We do not offer roof repair services.

Mission Hills, Kansas, Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning

Remove stains, moss, organic matter, and fungus to bring your roof back to life!

Affordable & Reliable Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Service in Mission Hills, Kansas

Famed for its endless entertainment options for explorers here; Mission Hills is full of architectural buildings and rattling properties with cedar shake roofing. At Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, we are a nationwide soft wash cedar roof cleaning service provider including Mission Hills, Kansas. Our agency could be your #1 choice for cedar shake roof cleaning and maintenance. Our team members know how to get the job done with absolute perfection, delivering the highest quality cedar roof restoration for your property. With a decade long niche experience, we are committed to providing services beyond your expectations with affordable price ranges.
Due to their attractiveness, excellent insulation from cold and heat, and durability, cedar shingles have been a long favorite as roofing material among property owners. Also, cedar shake roofing is an extremely environment-friendly option that we always support. The life expectancy of cedar roofing can easily touch up to 30 years with proper cleaning and regular maintenance. Our cedar shake roof maintenance will allow your beautiful roofing to stay your property’s attention grabber for many upcoming years.

No More Moss or Algae on Your Roof
Opt for Cedar Roof Restoration

Signs of moss and algae developing are a definite danger as they wreak havoc on your stunning roof and leave you with serious roof issues. Our cedar roof cleaning is gentle, effective, and guaranteed to deliver results beyond expectations. Our cedar shake roof cleaning experts in Mission Hills, Kansas, will not walk on your roof or use power washing methods. We use biodegradable and eco-friendly solution to clean dirty or moss-covered roofs properly without damaging any of your cedar shakes. Our professional cedar roof maintenance will extend the roof life and make it look great for years.

You Are Just a Call Away from Best Cedar Roof Cleaning

When you hire Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning as your partner, you can rest assured to get treated with care. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed! Before you give us a call, you must know what makes our services noteworthy.

We are fully insured, certified, and experienced in our cedar shake roof restoration services. Care for your roof today and ready to get ready to experience a clean, appealing cedar shake roofing for years.

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"Being organic, cedar shakes have to be maintained. On average cedar shakes need to be cleaned every 10 years in order to preserve their integrity."

Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning in Des Moines Iowa
Cedar Shake Roof before & after cleaning

You can Trust Bruce Sullivan for Mission Hills, Kansas, Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning


Why is a Clean Cedar Roof Important?

Discover with Bruce

Life Span of 40 - 60 Years

A Cedar Shake Roof will last a long time, depending on the grade of the cedar, but it does need to be looked after and cleaned about once every 10 years or so. If the roof is neglected then it will need replacing before which will incur a huge amount of unnecessary costs.


Cedar Shakes are a naturally renewable and sustainable resource that is also organic matter. They also last longer than other materials and can be composted once no longer in use. Ensuring they stay in optimal condition will help to reduce the impact on the environment.

Maintain Temperatures

A cedar shake roof that is not maintained will lose some of its natural ability to hold an abient temperature. They allow the home to breath, to stay cool in the summers, and help to keep them warmer in the winters. If the cedar shakes become damaged, degraded, or generally fall into disrepair then all of this is lost.

Family, Pet, & Garden Friendly

The formula is specially created and offers maximum efficiency for cleaning of cedar shake roofs whilst being harmless to those most important to you.

Prevents Damage

Keep the roof in the best condition possible by keeping your Cedar Shakes clean and free of organic material. We also use ladders rather than walking on the roof.

Restore Natural Beauty

Bring your Cedar Shakes back to their original look and color, while also increasing their longevity.

Bruce Cleaning

What we do for Cedar Shake Roofs?

We clean, treat and restore cedar shake roofs in Des Moines and throughout the local area. We remove all algae, moss, mold, mildew, lichen, and brown rot fungi from the shakes. Along with our non-pressure cleaning process, we use a citrus-based solution that is non-toxic and non-caustic, this is safe for you, your family, your pets, and your garden. Which will extend the lifespan of your shake roof and also restore the added beauty of a shake roof. Contact today for a free estimate.

Extending the Life of Your Roof

In climates such as this, over time, shake roofs will start to deteriorate, in most cases due to lack of maintaining/cleaning. On average a shake roof should be cleaned every 10 years, if not, deterioration sets in. Roof cleaning can help extend the lifespan of your roof. Most importantly, we do so without walking on your roof, preventing further damage. We provide honest communication of your issues, reliable work for your service, and a long track record of successful work (visit our reviews section above). Talk to us today about a free quote for your service. this
Bruce Cleaning
Can I Walk on a Cedar Shake Roof?

Use Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Experts

Whether your cedar shake roof has dark, ugly streaks or a bunch of moss and algae making it weak over time; get it clean with an expert cedar shake roof cleaning team and make it look brand new again.

We use low-pressure cedar shake roof cleaning techniques with the addition of our environment-friendly formula that amazingly removes all the damaging roof organic matter from your cedar roof without damaging your cedar shake roof in any way. The solution we use is biodegradable, making it safe for your garden, family, and pets. Don’t just contact any roof cleaning service provider to restore your cedar roofs as it may do more harm than good. Make sure to hire certified, insured, and decade-long experienced cedar roof cleaning experts to offer you a reliable cedar roof cleaning solution with proper inspection and execution.  

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to see the Cedar Shake Cleaning Process in Action

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The Benefits of Bruce Sullivan Mission Hills, Kansas, Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning

  • Removal of unsightly stains and mildew.
  • A specialist technique that does not damage the shakes in any way – no high-pressure washing.
  • Guaranteed to extend the life of your cedar shake roof.
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning solution.
  • Safe for families, pets, and your garden.
  • Safely removes moss, fungus, and other moisture harboring debris.
  • Certified roof inspector by the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association.
  • Conforms to the Cedar Shake Bureau Guidance


What can I say? Bruce and Keith provided an exceptional service, and they are really nice guys too. Found out at the last minute they were in Minneapolis, and they fit me in for a cedar shake roof cleaning the next evening after their regular job was done. Even cleaned up my gutters, small fence, and small deck at no charge. The place looks outstanding! Highly recommended.

Mike Richards

I highly recommend this business. Due to the work performed we are going to get another 10-14 years out of our cedar shake roof. We were told by some roofing companies that the roof should be replaced in 2 years. I lucked out and found Sullivan Roof Cleaning while researching companies that perform this service, and was pleased to learn that the company does work outside of Iowa. If you need your cedar shakes cleaned, go with Sullivan Roof Cleaning.

Eric Oelrich, 
St Cloud, MN

Bruce did a great job cleaning the whole exterior of my house. The roof has new life! It looks practically brand new. All the mold and moss on the roof, on the gutters, under the eaves, completely gone. He exceeded all our expectations. When he tells you what he can do for your house, you can believe and trust him. Great guy, great service.

Stuart Malone
Kansas City, MO

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