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Bruce Sullivan, Roof Technician, Sullivan Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning Service


A former fish boat captain and Union Pacific Railroad conductor/engineer, Bruce Sullivan opened Sullivan Roof Cleaning in 2009. It did not take long for him to realize that cedar shakes and shingles would become his passion. Because cedar requires special care and consideration, Bruce spent countless hours of research developing the best cleaning process and solution for this special roofing material....Know More

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Bruce Sullivan, Owner

Headquarter in Des Moines, Iowa, Bruce uses his proven cleaning process and products to preserve cedar roofs throughout Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland and Virginia (Spring/Fall Only). We are family owned/operated, licensed, and fully insured. Please note: We do not offer minor roof repairs.


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Our Eco-friendly Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning and Treatment process will add an extra 10 years of life to your roof, at a fraction of the cost of a premature roof replacement.

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We Care

We take care of your roof. We do not walk on, or pressure wash your roof.

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We Clean

We remove stains, mildew, moss, brown rot fungus and more.

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We are Eco-Friendly

We are Eco-Friendly. Our process will NOT harm your landscaping, family or pets.

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Why contact us?

Why contact us?

  • Free Roof Cleaning/Roof Treatment estimate
  • Family owned & operated
  • Proven track record of healthy, preserved cedar roofs
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Over 1200 Satisfied Cedar Roof Customers! Read our customer reviews
Bruce Sullivan Service
Bruce Sullivan Service
Bruce Sullivan Service

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