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I'm thrilled with Sullivan Roof cleaning and will enthusiastically recommend them to anyone who asks! I hired them because I had quite a bit of moss growing on the north side of my roof. I was concerned with maintenance and longevity and was not at all concerned about aesthetics. But after seeing the results, I'm just blown away by the appearance. Even the south side, which had no moss and didn't bother me, looks brand new!A couple weeks before they were scheduled to arrive, some water began dripping into our upstairs bedroom. I was hoping Sullivan would give me an idea of where to turn for repairs. Upon investigation, they found that the flashing on a plumbing stack was incorrectly installed. They went ahead and fixed it while they were here at no additional charge. They even washed down the patio and rinsed some moss off of a separate brick wall. Honestly, they left the whole property (not just the roof) better than they found it.In addition to the aesthetics and the repair, it was very helpful to talk to Bruce and Keith about the roof in general. I bought this house a year ago and had so many people make comments about wood roofs that stressed me out. After their treatment, and the knowledge they shared, I'm no longer going to waste energy worrying about my roof. It's in great shape, and it looks terrific. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.
Coery Werner, Warrensburg, MO.