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The city of amazes, Omaha is no stranger to fantastic art galleries, museums and many historic and modern destinations such as Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Lauritzen Garden, Old Market, Joslyn Art Museum and more. Owning a beautiful property here with a stunning cedar shake roof makes you fortunate enough. But, help from an expert cedar shake roof cleaning and maintenance team will most likely be needed to maintain the unmatched beauty of your property for a long-long time.
Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning is renowned for offering professional cedar shake roof maintenance, cleaning, and restoration services throughout Omaha, Nebraska with guaranteed service satisfaction and zero hidden charges or terms. Protecting your roof is our primary concern with the elimination of moss, debris, deterioration, algae, ultraviolet rays, and other harmful environmental characters. Moss, fungus, and algae hold on to moisture, and with time utilize your cedar roof wood as their food source. Neglecting this fact will damage cedar roofs with time, forcing property owners for a complete new roof installation that may empty their pockets. As pressure wash is not suitable for repeated cedar shake roof cleaning, opting for a gentle yet highly effective cedar roof cleaning process such as ours will help you get rid of these roof damaging intruders with a reliable cleaning service.

Cedar Roof Restoration Services in Omaha, Nebraska – Call Us Now

Regardless of whether it’s a cedar roof cleaning job, cedar shake roof maintenance or complete restoration, our one solution fits all your needs effectively. Our cedar shake roof maintenance will keep your roof shakes free of mold, moss, and any other debris that can trap moisture and speed up the premature process for your roof. Sullivan’s cedar shake roof cleaning and cedar roof restoration services will not just save tens of thousands of dollars preventing early replacement, but also extraordinarily increases the aesthetic of your Omaha property.

Why Choose Our Cedar Roof Cleaning Service? Well, The Answer is Here

No doubt, a properly cleaned and regularly maintained cedar shake roof will extend its life. Don’t just search for “How to clean cedar roof” and try to solve it yourself. Your amateur actions may cause more damage. Let our licensed and certified team handle it for you with a perfection level that will surprise you. Choose us and receive:

  • Excellent moss prevention treatment
  • Low-pressure cedar shake roof cleaning
  • Eco-friendly cedar roof treatments
  • Both pre and post-cleaning treatments
  • Free & no-obligation estimation
  • No harmful chemical treatment
  • Affordable service charges

So, what are you waiting for!!! Give us a call at 515-423-0234 today and get ready to experience the most result delivering cedar roof cleaning service in Omaha, Nebraska. Also, feel free to share your queries with our experts.

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Our 15 year old roof looks almost new after the cleaning that Bruce did. His service was as exactly promised, and he is one very pleasant guy to deal with. Without any hesitation, I’d recommend his service to anyone, and you will learn something from him about the proper care and maintenance of your roof. Courtney Fletcher, Fairacres Road, Omaha