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Testimonial about Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning in West Des Moines, Iowa

I am extremely satisfied with the result from the cleaning of my cedar shake roof performed by Sullivan Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning. I was uneducated about the importance of cleaning the roof as apparently are the contractors that sell and install cedar shake shingles in Iowa- at least they don’t seem to share this with homeowners. My shingles were curling and mold was obvious. After cleaning no mold and the shingles have flattened out again. The change in the appearance is amazing. Bruce provides this professional service himself . It is obvious he takes pride in a job well done. He is very knowledgable and provides references and education. I believe this service will extend the life of my roof one of the reasons I chose a cedar shake roof was a longer life expectancy compared to asphalt roofs and appearance when new and after cleaned is superior to asphalt . I believe the cost this company charges is fair. I strongly encourage the use of this company. I plan to contact Bruce when I need my next cleaning at 5 years after initial cleaning. I wish I had been aware of this service the first 20 years I owned this roof.

Bill Maxson, West Des Moines, Iowa