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Safe & Gentle Cedar Shake Roof & Siding Cleaning Service for Rock Island, Illinois Properties

No doubt, cedar roofs are one of the most residential property owners demanding roofing material in Rock Island, Illinois area, which is famed for its historical sites, fantastic greenery, pleasant weather, and friendly locals. With proper cleaning and maintenance jobs, it can easily outlast any other type of roofing with performance, beauty, and durability. A well-maintained cedar roof can easily last for three decades or even more.

Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning is a premier cedar shake roof cleaning company on Rock Island, Illinois. We are specialized in offering the highest standard cedar shake roof maintenance with best ever budget suited pricing. Our cedar roof cleaning solutions and processes are second to none. Our team of professional roof cleaners does not use any power washing or chemically robust solutions to clean your elegant yet sensitive cedar shake roofs. Experts working with us will not step on your cedar roofing, ensuring its safety and durability. All the service work will be performed from a sturdy ladder. Our cedar roof restoration service works beyond just repair. We deliver cedar roofing solutions that take care of A-Z of your beautiful cedar roofing restoration.

Save Your Cedar Roof with Proper Maintenance Performed By Experts

Whether your cedar shake roof has dark, ugly streaks or a bunch of moss and algae making it weak over time; get it clean with expert cedar roof cleaning and make it look brand new again. We use low-pressure cedar shake roof cleaning techniques with the addition of environment-friendly solvents that amazingly remove all the damaging roof stuff from your cedar roof without damaging any of your roofing material. The solution we use is biodegradable, making it for your landscaping and family members. Don’t just contact any roof cleaning service provider to restore your cedar roofs as it may do more bad than good.Hire Sullivan’s team of certified, insured and decade long experienced cedar roof restoration experts to offer you reliable cedar roof cleaning solutions with proper inspection and execution.

Best Preserve Your Cedar Roof with Team Sullivan

Our cedar shake roof maintenance begins with proper treatment for this aesthetic roofing type followed by a thorough cleaning process and delivering you a stunning cedar roof that will last longer. What makes our service exceptional, among others:

  • Trusted and certified experts to serve
  • Extends the lifespan of your cedar roof
  • Excellently prevents the further growth of moss and algae
  • Fast and affordable service execution
  • No high-pressure washing or harsh chemical use
  • No cost service estimation for your property

If you like to receive the best cedar roof cleaning in Rock Island, Illinois, then look no further. Dial 515-423-0234 now to undergo the best cedar roof maintenance and restoration services reviewed best by thousands of happy customers.

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I thank my lucky stars I found Sullivan Roof Cleaning. My 26 year old roof indeed looked sad and I was contemplating the cost of a new roof with dread. Mr Sullivan assured me that cedar shakes are the best type of roofing and all they needed was a good cleaning.

Mr. Sullivan is friendly, not intimidating, and a very hard worker. He sticks to the job until it’s finished. The cleaning was worth every penny and it’s a wonderful feeling not to have to worry about the cost of replacing the roof.

Christy B.