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Cedar Roof Cleaning Insurance Premium Discount

Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, over the past 2-3 years we have heard from more and more clients who need roof cleaning, so they can receive a discount from their insurance companies. While this is a great benefit to them, the other side of the coin is that if they don’t get the work done, some of these insurance companies actually cancel these insurance policies outright!

The Bottom Line

Wood roofing requires maintenance and the insurance companies know they lose a lot of money in early replacement, so they’re making sure that this isn’t an issue in the future. Although we’ve also heard from owners of other types of roofing, it is wood roofing which really seems to be their focus.

Recently, I spoke to an insurance underwriter. He needed some information from me in order to apply a discount to one of their clients. He was basically verifying the client had had the work done, and asked that I write a report on the roof. For that home owner, this translates to a significant savings over time. So, if you have recently had your roofing cleaned, or are planning on doing so, make sure to tell your insurance company, so you can take advantage of this discount!

A Win-Win Situation

If you have your roof cleaned (with the Soft-Wash process), then you are extending the life of your roof it seems only logical that your insurance company should be invested in rewarding you for that! While we have more clients because of this shift and the insurance companies have to replace fewer roofs, you, the homeowner, see the greatest benefit: a healthy and beautiful roof that lasts for the decades for which it was intended – and at a lower cost in the end!

Feel free to contact me if you want help finding out if this discount applies to you and how you can take advantage of it! Even if you are out of our area, we’ll help you find someone nearby that can clean your wood shake roofing.

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