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Cedar Shakes Proprietary Process & Cleaning Solution

Many home owners are concerned with what type of cleaning solution Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning

Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning Explained

Roof Cleaning Process-What’s Eating Your Roof? Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning | Sullivan Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning & Landscaping Protection Video

Bruce Sullivan of Sullivan Roof Cleaning, here on Frederick Street in Omaha, Nebraska. In this cedar shake roof cleaning

5 Things A Cedar Roof Home Owner Can Do

Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, we often find ourselves in more of an educational role, for owners of these beautiful wood roofs

Average Cost of Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning

Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning we are often asked what our “average cost” is for a roof cleaning job. The simple fact is that there really

Hiring A Responsible Cedar Roof Cleaner

Hiring a Responsible Cedar Shake or Wood Shake Roof Cleaner Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, we often receive emails asking

Cedar Shakes Roof If Not Maintained What Happens

What Happens If I Neglect My Cedar Shake Roof? Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, we are often asked about the consequences of not maintaining your cedar shake or wood shake roofing; it’s a fair question, so I thought I’d answer it here. The Clear Answer Without any doubt, to neglect cleaning your wood shake […]

Cedar Roof Cleaning Insurance Preimum Discount

Cedar Roof Cleaning Insurance Premium Discount Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, over the past 2-3 years we have heard from more and more clients who need roof cleaning, so they can receive a discount from their insurance companies. While this is a great benefit to them, the other side of the coin is that […]

My Cedar Shakes Roof Needs Cleaning What Should I Do

My Roof Needs Cleaning, What Should I Do? Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, people are often asking what they need to do to have their roof cleaned. The answer involves these three things: Do your research on cedar shake roofing. Get to know your cedar roof cleaner’s process. Find a cedar roof cleaner who […]

What Is The Junk On My Cedar Shakes Roof

What is the Junk on My Roof? Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, one of the most commonly asked questions has to do with what all the build-up is on your wood shake roof. Simply put, the junk, gunk and debris on your roof is most likely a combination of any of the following infestations: […]

Our Proprietary Cleaning Process & Cleaning Solution

Our Proprietary Cleaning Process & Solution The Process Most providers of cedar roof cleaning services use a process that requires walking on the roof and use of a power washer. This is an outdated process that continues to be widely practiced. Walking on a wood roof and cleaning it with a pressure washer is both […]

The Benefits of Owning a Cedar Shake Roof

It’s no surprise that cedar shakes and shingles have been used as roofing material in this country for centuries. Their beautiful golden hue and fresh cedar smell (when new) are not the only reasons why people have chosen this roofing material. Other than aesthetics, cedar roofs are often chosen for their insulation and their natural […]

Important Roof Cleaning Information

In this video, meet Bruce and learn exactly what we do at Sullivan Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning. Our goal is to help you extend the life of your cedar roof. A cedar shake roof usually lasts up to 25 years, but with regular maintenance (every 10 years or so), it can last up to 40 […]

Why do Cedar Shakes and Shingles Weather?

All cedar shakes and shingle roofs will experience weathering. Weathering is simply the breaking down of an element (in this case, a cedar shakes or shingle roof) due to exposure to the elements over time. There are three main factors that contribute to a cedar roof’s weathering: Solar Radiation Solar radiation damages the cedar shakes […]

How to Avoid a Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning Scam

Every homeowner wants to hire the right contractor for the job, but how can the homeowner be sure they are hiring someone they can trust? Cedar shakes roof cleaning is no different from any other home improvement project; there are both reputable and shoddy roof cleaners offering their services. Anyone can buy a ladder, a […]

Maintaining Your Roof: Non-Chemical and Oil Treatments (Part 5 of Homeowner’s Guide)

We have discussed the reasons you may want to apply a chemical preservative treatment to your roof. Some homeowners may not feel comfortable with the use of these chemicals, and want an alternative treatment. While non-chemical treatments are possible, their effectiveness is not known, and may not provide adequate protection. However, these kinds of treatments […]

Maintaining Your Roof – Chemical Treatments (Part 4 of Homeowner’s Guide)

We have discussed the reasons you may want to apply a chemical preservative treatment to your roof. Some homeowners may not feel comfortable with the use of these chemicals, and want an alternative treatment. While non-chemical treatments are possible, their effectiveness is not known, and may not provide adequate protection. However, these kinds of treatments […]

Maintaing Your Roof – Cleaning Treatments (Part 3 of Homeowner’s Guide)

Now that you have removed the debris from your roof, you can examine the condition of the cedar shingles. Unless there is excessive damage, or your roof is leaking, you should not need to repair or completely replace your roof. In most cases, there may be some staining and discoloration, dirt, and/or organic growth (algae, […]

Routine Roof Maitenance (Part 2 of Homeowner’s Guide)

A Homeowner’s Guide to Maintaining your Cedar Shake Roof Part 2: Easy Routine Maintenance In Part 1 of this series we discussed the ways your cedar shake roof can break down and weather due to time and neglect. Let’s now move on to routine maintenance. Keep in mind that I never recommend someone climb on […]


Part 1: Why do I need to Maintain my Roof? Every week, I get emails and calls from cedar roof homeowners throughout the USA and Canada, asking me a variety of questions about their roof. I find that a lot of homeowners do not fully understand how important it is to maintain, clean, and treat […]

How To Maintain Your Cedar Shake Roof

Many cedar/redwood shakes roof homeowners were never told they need to maintain their roof to reach the potential natural life span of anywhere from 40 to 60 years. Normally after a 10-year period of not cleaning, a homeowner will notice the green moss or mold, the lichen or the dark brown to black coloration of […]

Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning with Citrus Based Solution by Sullivan Roof Cleaning

Alternative Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc located in Pleasant Hill, Iowa now offers a non toxic and caustic alternative for cedar shakes roof cleaning. With this citrus based cleaning solution all that is required is to apply with a 40 PSI 12V pump spray system, allow dwell time based upon the types of infestations and simply […]

Is Your Home For Sale With A Cedar Roof

Are you in the process of selling your home with a Cedar roof? I have had a number of cedar roof cleanings where the home owner that was selling their home was told they needed a new roof. When you put your home for sale in most cases there is a home inspection. Many home inspectors […]

Cedar Roof Cleaning: A Guide To The Cleaning Process and Proper Maintenance

Three Step Process For A Cleaning Cedar Roof From the past to present day many cleaners use what is called the 3 step process for cleaning a cedar roof. Cleaning Brightening Staining, Sealing & Weatherproof. The cleaning solution which is commonly used is Sodium Percabonate. The brightening solution which is commonly used is Oxalic Acid. […]

Proper Care and Maintenance of Wood Shingle and Shake Roofs

I get e-mails and phone calls weekly about how someone can clean their cedar roof throughout the U.S. and Canada. Most requests are to buy my solution. I do not sell it. Cedar Roof Overview The following is an overview for all you cedar roof homeowners. If you have done your research or are about […]

When How And Why To Clean a Cedar Roof

In today’s roof cleaning industry we find more and more cleaning services adding roof cleaning to their services provided. In the last couple years many want to take on the service of cedar roof cleaning. Unlike other roof materials e.g. ashault, tile, slate and metal, cedar is a roofing material all to itself. Just in […]

The Difference Between Cleaning and Restoring Your Cedar Shake Roof

Spruce it up! Bruce Sullivan explains the difference between a roof cleaning and a roof restoration. Let Bruce help you decide if you want or need a cedar shake shingle roof cleaning or a roof restoration. Listen to how you can take advantage of Bruce’s knowledge to have a Cedar Shake Roof Cleaner extend the […]

Wood Decaying Fungi

Damage Caused by Wood Decaying Fungi Wood destroying fungus (fungi, plural) or wood decaying fungi, causes more damage to structures than all the fires, floods, and termites combined! Wood decaying fungus requires four fundamentals to survive which are oxygen, favorable temperatures, water and food. Fungus occurs generally when the moisture content of wood exceeds 20 […]

Cedar Shakes – New Roof vs. Replacement Costs

The following example is for fiberglass asphalt shingles, add 20% to cost for cedar shakes. Given the cost vs. value of roof replacement should give any homeowner further reason to maintain their roof. More so for the cedar shakes/wood roof homeowners. On average for less than 5% of the roof replacement cost the homeowner can […]

Cedar Shake Shingles – Common Problems

Cedar Shake Shingles – Common Problems Rot might be found in this material – especially if it is exposed to prolonged periods or moisture Cupping can occur – where both sides of the material lift Cracking or splitting is a defect that can create openings in unwanted locations Curling – where the bottom of the […]

Cleaning Moss Off My Roof

Got Moss on your Roof? Removing Moss from Roof Helps Prolong the Life of your Roof! Heavy moss can cause water to back up on the roof enough to flow over the top of the shakes. I have seen water do some very strange things to cedar shake roofs. The moss buildup should always be […]

Concrete Tile Roof Cleaning

I have a concrete tile roof that is 14 years old. It had become unsightly from dirt, mold and mildew. This roof cannot be walked on without extreme care and knowledge of the product. Bruce Sullivan and his team drove down from the Des Moines area to Coralville, Iowa and cleaned my roof. The result […]