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What is the Average Cost to Clean Your Cedar Shake Roof?

Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning we are often asked what our “average cost” is for a roof cleaning job. The simple fact is that there really is no average. Even so, I’d like to address this question, as you may find it helpful to know how we charge for roof cleaning.

Each Roof and Its Unique Situation

The fact is, each roof has its own particular circumstances and requires a specific response from us as cedar roof cleaners. It’s not about size; it’s about which infestations have become imbedded in the shakes and other problems that arise with that situation.

There are various kinds of infestations, situations, leaks or problems that we may need to tend to in a single visit. On one occasion, a roof that was 4,000 sq. ft. cost more than a neighbor’s, whose roof was 6,000 sq. ft.! It seems hardly fair…until you look down the list of infestations, cracks, and the labor that was required to make other repairs on the smaller roof vs. the larger one, which had a milder infestation.

A Broad Range of Pricing

Around $.50-$1.00 per square foot is about the closest we can come to a set price. Even though this is still a very broad range, it may allow you to see the variance we end up working with in the field and it can give you some insight into why we don’t provide a more direct answer before we see a few up-close pictures of your roof.

Our price for our Soft-Wash process is around 5% of the replacement cost, and one cleaning will last between 8-10 years. After having looked at other types of roof cleaning, we’ve also found our pricing to be about a third of the cost of others who use much more invasive processes to clean your roof. Give us a call and we’ll set something up or, if you are out of our area, we’ll help locate someone near you, who can give you a proper estimate.

Visit: www.cedarshakesroofcleaning.com for more information, education and to request a free estimate.

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