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Enjoy a Moss-Free, Rot-Proof Cedar Shake Roof Restoration Service in Minnesota

From a lake-nested Midwestern state to glorious wildlife, scenic drives, pristine national parks, and marvellous exterior of state capital Saint Paul; Minnesota is a treasure of cultural as well as natural beauty, making it one of the most favoured states for elegant property ownership such as a cedar shake roof featuring one. When properly maintained, cedar shake roofs can easily last a lifetime while adding a hypnotizing luxurious look to your property. Although cedar roofs are extremely decay and rot-resistant, they are certainly not rot or decay-roof.
Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning offers professional cedar shake roof cleaning throughout Minnesota combined with affordable pricing and complete service satisfaction. Our cedar shake roof maintenance will remove the moss colonization, microorganisms, lichen, and debris that can retain moisture and exacerbate the decomposition process. Our cedar roof cleaning not only removes all types of organisms and organic material but also prevents them from growing again for a very long time. In addition to this, our cedar shake roof cleaning also removes stains caused by algae and tanning. We have been proudly serving Minnesota for more than a decade now and wish to do so for many upcoming years continuously.

Fast & Reliable Cedar Roof Cleaning & Restoration with Extraordinary Results

Our expert team will apply a specialized, eco-friendly cleaning solution to your cedar shake roof that removes all the algae and moss effortlessly without using any power wash or commercial chemicals. We understand that using power wash and harsh chemicals will damage the beauty of your cedar roof and shorten its lifespan. Our cedar shake roof maintenance will optimally reserve its excellent natural ability of thermal resistance. Say no to premature cedar roof replacement. Opt for our cedar shake roof maintenance, cleaning, and restoration services, and get ready to experience a beautiful property with a super clean roof that doubles up its magnificence.

Improve Your Cedar Roof Longevity with Guaranteed Best Services

No more long wait to receive your cedar roof restoration or cedar shake roof cleaning service; Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning is here to deliver you the most result offering cedar shake roof cleaning services with affordable pricing and quick implementation. Our team provides:

  • Eco-friendly solutions with natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties
  • Protection from damaging UV rays
  • Easy removal of debris without damaging the surrounding environment
  • Low-pressure cleaning technique
  • Expert stain removal
  • Round the year service operation

If you are interested in receiving a free cedar shake roof cleaning estimation for your property, just dial 515-423-0234 or fill our secure online form today. We know each feature is unique and requires special attention for its roof cleaning. That’s why we offer only the best cedar roof maintenance and cleaning service, which will suit your preferences to the best.

Certified & Licensed Specialists to Serve Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning in Indiana

The home of quintessential essence and tradition of Midwestern America, Indiana is bustling with never resting cities like Indianapolis and picturesque small towns such as Battle Ground, Meridian Hills, Highland, Shorewood Forests, and more with stunning cedar shake properties. At Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, we are renowned and trusted as a professional cedar shake roof cleaning service provider with a team of highly trained, certified, and insured specialists. Our expert team serves the whole state of Indiana and offers highly professional cedar roof restoration to home as well as business owners.
The Team Sullivan completely understands the routine of special care required to keep your scrumptious cedar shake roofs in a tip-top condition and make its lifespan a very long one. A proper cedar roof cleaning or a quality cedar shake roof maintenance is all you require to maintain its beauty with the optimal condition. Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning can treat, clean and restore your cedar shake roofs using a unique non-pressure process, which includes an environment-friendly solvent, to repair your beloved roof to its original fineness. If you are searching for a budget-friendly, professional residential or commercial cedar roof restoration in Indiana, then look no further. We are here to serve with guaranteed best results.

No Pressure Wash, No Harsh Chemicals – Receive Only Eco-Friendly Cedar Roof Cleaning

Shake hands with Team Sullivan as you have found the right partner for all your cedar shake roof cleaning services. Our team stands behind the quality workmanship they offer with real commitment and dedication. Whether you are a new customer or an existing one; we treat all our customers with the same respect, work ethics, and service value. We have been in cedar shake roof maintenance business in Indiana for more than a decade now, are highly regarded for our cedar roof cleaning services

A Team of Well Experienced Cedar Shake Roof Restoration Professionals

Whether you need us on weekends, middle of weeks, or in holidays; Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning is round the year available to handle any size of cedar roof restoration project with any difficulty level. Our cedar shake roof cleaning includes useful moss, fungus, and debris removal without the use of pressure washing or harmful chemicals. With our team, get ready to experience:

  • Real service results from the very first time
  • Courteous & professional team members
  • Quick service execution in the fastest time possible
  • Affordable cedar roof shake roof maintenance and cleaning charges
  • Zero hidden teams, conditions or fees
  • Service delivery throughout Indiana

Kindly give us a call at 515-423-0234 to receive a completely free of charge cedar shake roof cleaning service estimation for your property. Also, feel free to mention your queries; we will be more than happy to solve them for you.

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This was a cedar roof that was covered with moss, mold, mildew, lichen and fungi in Elkhart, Indiana. The home owner was looking for a cedar roof cleaning contractor and decided on Sullivan Roof Cleaning out of Des Moines, Iowa who services all of the greater Midwest.

Visit http://www.cedarroofclean.com for all your cedar roof cleaning needs.

Why replace your roof when we can clean it? Sullivan Roof Cleaning 515-971-1430.

Bruce did a great job cleaning the whole exterior of my house. The roof has new life! It looks practically brand new. All the mold and moss on the roof, on the gutters, under the eaves, completely gone. He exceeded all our expectations. When he tells you what he can do for your house, you can believe and trust him. Great guy, great service.

Stuart Malone

Mr. Sullivan cleaned our roof that had not been maintained in 28 years. The roof appeared almost black, but after the cleaning the shingles were a beautiful light brown color. It really brightened out home. Knowing that the deterioration was stopped with this cleaning was wonderful news. I love my shake shingles and am so thankful for Mr. Sullivan’s service to keep them healthy and long lasting for years to come. I feel the cost is a wonderful deal for what you are doing to preserve a beautiful roof. Mr. Sullivan was right on time and came all the way to Kansas City within just a few days of my initial request for an appointment. We was very professional and left our property better than he found it. Thank you, Mr. Sullivan!!!

Tara Flynn

Bruce Sullivan of Sullivan Roof Cleaning, here on Frederick Street in Omaha, Nebraska. In this cedar shake roof cleaning and landscaping protection video, Maria is pre-soaking all the vegetation and, of course, we have it covered with plastic also as a precautionary measure so that any of our over-spray from our soft wash, non-pressure cleaning process doesn’t get on any of the landscaping.

Landscaping Protection While Cleaning Roof

That’s Maria’s responsibility. This is what she does. She is constantly wetting stuff down, wetting stuff down. She’ll wash the house and windows down as we go along, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how we maintain a homeowner’s landscaping.We’re very conscious of it, and very aware of it. We take great measures to protect your landscaping as you can see. We also have a runoff system that we’ll show you in another video of how we actually run the solution from the downspouts right off the property. It’s a pretty unique process.

protecting landscaping from roof cleaning Maria is connecting something to the downspout. What’s the purpose of that?

 This is so we can run everything that comes off the roof, our solution and all that, into a place where it’s  not going to harm the landscaping.

So primarily, your job as the grounds person is to protect the landscaping of the homeowner, correct?

Right, and this is just one of the ways we do that.

So, all of the solution, water and runoff is going to come down that downspout and it’s going to run through that tubing. Then it’s going to go off into an area that’s going to be a safe area to deposit anything that comes off the roof and it won’t harm any of the landscaping or any of the connecting property.

Usually we usually try to find a place in the rocks or a place in the landscaping where there’s no plants where it can hurt anything. We try to keep the run-off off of the grass and away from the homeowner’s foundation.

A lot of times people have wooded areas in their backyard, we can run it off into there where it’s not going to bother anything.

Thanks for watching our video explaining how we protect your landscape. Again, this is Maria in the video. She takes care of the landscaping, the grounds person for Sullivan Roof Cleaning and Bruce Sullivan and one of the two people you will see when you have us over to clean your roof!

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Sullivan Roof Cleaning is located in Des Moines, Iowa. Contact us for a free estimate or with help finding a roof cleaning service in your area!

Moss Removal Examples video on a Cedar Shakes Roof.

This video is about Removing Moss from Cedar Roofs – brought to you by Sullivan Roof Cleaning. Detailed Cleaning process explained.


Workmanship is excellent and they are pleasant to work with.

– Donna Birchmier, Waukee, Iowa

Great service. Very professional. Obvious Bruce takes pride in his work. Delivered service as promised. Fully satisfied. Have recommended service to others.

– Toni Thorson, Lincoln Nebraska