Note: This is cleaning/treatment/restoration only. We do not offer roof repair services.
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Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning

50 Years of Experience & Over 2,000 Shake Roofs Cleaned


A former fish boat captain and Union Pacific Railroad conductor/engineer, Bruce Sullivan opened Sullivan Roof Cleaning in 2009. It did not take long for him to realize that cedar shakes and shingles would become his passion. Because cedar requires special care and consideration, Bruce spent countless hours of research developing the best cleaning process and solution for this special roofing material.Since few homeowners, and even fewer cleaning companies understand the needs of their cedar wood roofs, Bruce made it his mission to educate people on the importance of properly maintaining their cedar shakes and shingles.
Over the past few years, Bruce has become one of the top cedar cleaners in the country. Because of his passion for the education on proper cedar maintenance, he has been happy to share and train other roof cleaners in his proven cleaning method. All the roof cleaners listed in our service area have been specially trained by Bruce.

The Sullivan method does not allow the use of any pressure washers or any pressure greater than that of an ordinary garden hose in the cleaning process. All cleaning should be done from the safety of the ground or a ladder, avoiding the need to physically walk on your roof. In addition, the cleaning solution used has been specially formulated to remove damaging organic material without damaging the cedar. This solution is biodegradable and will not harm you, your family, pets, wildlife, or landscaping. As you will see from the customer reviews, Bruce is very passionate about his service. His goal is to leave your home in a better condition than when he arrived, and to prolong the lifespan of your property. Bruce is a certified roof inspector with the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association, a member of the Professional Roof Cleaners Association, and is affiliated with the Exterior Cleaning Contractors Network.
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