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Five Must-Do’s for the Cedar Roof Owner


Here at Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning, we often find ourselves in more of an educational role, for owners of these beautiful wood roofs. Cedar shake (or wood shake roofing as some call it) is the only roofing that really needs ongoing maintenance. It also can last many more decades than conventional roofing shingles. However, you must see to these five areas:

1. Excessive Moisture

Always be sure to clean your gutters. If water has been stopped up, the wood at the edge of the roofline wicks that water right back in, eventually rotting the wood. Always clean out that area.

2. Remove Debris from Valleys

We’d like to see you make sure that any sticks, leaves or other debris are removed regularly from any valleys on the roof. If not, this will be another area for shingles to wick moisture and eventually decompose.

3. Maintain Trees around the Home

We often see homes covered by tree branches, either hanging above or lying directly on the shingles themselves. Removing this problem by cutting the trees back regularly will help prevent your roof from building up moss or lichen due to too much shade.

4. Missing Cedar Wood Shingles

If you see a shingle missing, have it replaced right away! If you do not, UV rays can melt that barrier of black felt between your shingles and the roof, which will only lead to further damage.

5. Ice Dam Removal

If you live in an area where there is excessive ice dam buildup, always make sure to have this properly removed as soon as possible, so as not to put too much strain on the cedar shakes.

A Well-Cared for Roof Will Last

Having your roof cleaned on a regular eight to ten year basis will maintain your roof for its whole intended life! Log onto our site and click on Find a Roof Cleaner. We’ll see to it that we connect you with someone in your area that can help!

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